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2001 / 07 / 11

ASE Announces Its Success In Achieving the RosettaNet Work-In-Process Milestone

Santa Clara, CA, July 11, 2001 – Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. (NYSE: ASX), one of the world’s largest semiconductor packaging and test announced today at the RosettaNet Semiconductor Manufacturing Board Meeting, that it has achieved RosettaNet’s Manufacturing Work-In-Process Milestone specifically implementing the Partner Interface Process™ (PIP) 3D8. This creates an environment for automated and real-time communication between semiconductor manufacturing partners (foundries, packaging and test manufacturers and system assembly contractors) and their customers. All parties are able to exchange information as well as track the status at any stage of the manufacturing process.

Today ASE and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd. (NYSE: TSM) also announced the successful implementation of the PIP 3D8 with Motorola Inc (NYSE: MOT) a leading integrated device manufacturer. The collaboration is a result of many months of hard work by the project teams of all three companies and proof of the feasibility of the RosettaNet standards.

“The RosettaNet Partner Interface Process™ (PIP) provides standard messaging and process flow integration. Data exchange between ASE, our customers and our manufacturing partners can be carried out seamlessly, allowing more efficient communication and planning. ASE is proud to be among the first few companies in the semiconductor manufacturing industry to achieve this milestone, ” said Dr Sueming Shen, CIO and VP, MIS of ASE Inc. “As a member of the SM Board, ASE will continue to promote and lead in efforts to establish common B2B supply chain management standards that would bring value not only to our customers but also the semiconductor manufacturing industry.”

ASE is an active and leading member of the RosettaNet Semiconductor Manufacturing Board. The Board consists of leading representatives of the SM trading network, including integrated device manufacturers, fabless device manufacturers, foundries, materials suppliers, and assembly, test and probe companies. They drive projects and priorities, and serve as examples of implementation success and actively promote RosettaNet.

About RosettaNet
RosettaNet is a self-funded, non-profit consortium of more than 400 of the world’s leading Electronic Components (EC), Information Technology (IT) and Semiconductor Manufacturing (SM) companies dedicated to creating, implementing and promoting open e-business standards. These standards forms a common e-business language, aligning processes between trading partners on a global basis. Additional information about RosettaNet can be found at


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