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2006 / 05 / 03

ASE Innovates at SemiTech Taipei 2006

Taipei, Taiwan, May, 3rd, 2006 – Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Incorporated (ASE, TAIEX: 2311, NYSE: ASX), the world’s largest semiconductor packaging and test company, announced today that it will participate in the premiere SemiTech Taipei on May 3-6, 2006 at the Taipei World Trade Center. ASE will display an array of advanced packages including a Graphic Processor Unit, and Optoelectronics packages comprising two megapixel Auto Focus CCM, as well as MEMS microdisplays.

During the exhibition, ASE will demonstrate high resolution images generated by the two megapixel Auto Focus CCM, featuring a specialized integrated circuit (IC) packaged by ASE for notebook and digital mobile phone applications. Visitors can also view high-definition images emitting from a projector embedded with MEMS Microdisplay technology. In addition, ASE will showcase vivid 3D effects from a leading-edge game console, comprising 90nm wafer technology packaged within the Graphic Processor Unit, and capable of high performance and high definition visuals. ASE will also present its substrate capabilities, including BGA and Flip Chip substrates, as well as reveal current and future trends for the advanced packages including SiP, Bumping, Flip Chip, Optoelectronics and WLCSP.

“2006 is a milestone year as it marks the 30th year of the semiconductor industry in Taiwan, as well as the 10th anniversary of TSIA. As the number two semiconductor player in Taiwan, ASE is pleased to join our industry colleagues as together we showcase the technology innovation and breakthrough that keeps our industry vibrant and progressive, ” said Dr. Tien Wu, COO of ASE. “ASE’s advanced packaging and test capabilities are integral to the most sophisticated electronic products on the market today. As a company, we place huge focus on R&D in order to keep our customers profitable and to provide complete turnkey services, which meet customer demands for emerging applications and trends in the highly-competitive 4C market.”

ASE will demonstrate its advanced packaging and complete turnkey solutions at booth #329 -332, located in Section A of the Taipei World Trade Center. For further event information, please visit


About ASE, Inc.

ASE, Inc. is the leading global provider of semiconductor manufacturing services in assembly and test. Alongside a broad portfolio of established assembly and test technologies, ASE is also delivering innovative advanced packaging and system-in-package solutions to meet growth momentum across a broad range of end markets, including 5G, AI, Automotive, High-Performance Computing, and more. To learn about our advances in SiP, Fan-out, MEMS & Sensor, Flip Chip, and 2.5D, 3D & TSV technologies, all ultimately geared towards applications to improve lifestyle and efficiency, please visit: or follow us on on LinkedIn and X: @aseglobal.