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2019 / 09 / 25

ASE transforms its state-of-the-art Water Recycling Plant into the Green Technology Learning Center

Promoting a sustainable environment through education and public involvement in the adoption of green technologies

Kaohsiung, Taiwan. September 25, 2019. Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc (ASE) today officiated the opening of the ASE Green Technology Learning Center at its flagship campus in the Kaohsiung Nantze Export Processing Zone. The center is located on the ground level of the ASE water recycling facility.

ASE’s water management program is based on three approaches: reduce, reuse & recycle. The Kaohsiung water recycling plant, the largest of its kind in Taiwan, began operations in 2015. Since then, the company has hosted numerous external visitors at the facility who were interested to know about ASE’s recycling activities. At the same time, these visits also allowed ASE to interact and exchange ideas with academic institutions and business enterprises. The enthusiasm from the public further encouraged ASE to extend its outreach on sustainability and establish the Green Technology Learning Center. The center aims to promote the concept of a sustainable environment through the use of learning materials to educate the public on water resources and the adoption of green technologies.  

As part of the company’s total sustainability mission, the ASE Cultural and Education Foundation is also collaborating with the Department of Environmental Education at the National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology to help raise the level of awareness on climate change, using a range of innovative teaching materials in a fun and enjoyable learning environment. Sustainability is a continuous process and of great importance in the community in which ASE operates in. ASE will continue to roll out programs that will make a positive change and improve the environment.


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