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Dk/Df Extraction and Moisture Effect on mmWave Fan-out Package Design

In order to ensure the performance of high-frequency fan-out package design, especially at mmWave application, the influence of substrate dielectric characteristic is very serious. Polyimide (PI) material is common material used in Fan-out package. The moisture effect of PI is very obvious in stress and electrical performance. So this paper… Read More


Thermal and Mechanical Characterization of 2.5D and Fan-Out Chip on Substrate Chip-First and Chip-Last Packages

Heterogeneous integration technology makes possible the integration of multiple separately manufactured components into a single higher level assembly with enhanced functionality and improved operating characteristics. Various types of advanced heterogeneous packages are available, including 2.5-D integrated circuit (IC), fan-out chip on substrate (FOCoS) chip-first, and FOCoS chip-last. This study constructs… Read More


2.5D vs Fan-out Chip on Substrate

The demand for high bandwidth and high-performance applications such as networking, AI computing and GPU IC chips are driving innovative developments in advanced IC packaging. Heterogeneous integration enables the integration of multiple chips using fine line/space interconnect packaging technology. Heterogeneous integration packaging solutions offered in the market today include, through… Read More