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2020 / 10 / 20

ASE, MOE and NKUST jointly establish onsite campus semiconductor assembly and test facility to develop world class high tech industry graduates

On October 20th, 2020, ASE participated in an inauguration ceremony at the National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology (NKUST) to launch the onsite campus semiconductor assembly and test (SAT) talent development facility. The initiative is part of the Ministry of Education (MOE)’s efforts to implement real environment training in technical and vocational schools. MOE aims to establish an industry-based training mechanism and practical environment as the core to strengthen Taiwan’s competitive edge in the semiconductor industry and boost industry growth.

ASE actively fosters collaborations in technology and career training with schools and universities. In the case of the onsite SAT facility, ASE has contributed several SAT equipment including IC testers, probers, thermal shock systems and work benches to create a factory model as similar as possible to the ASE manufacturing environment.

ASE is also currently working with NKUST to offer a course tailored for the semiconductor industry. Both ASE and NKUST will work together to design the course outline, and engage instructors from ASE and the university to conduct the course, as well as participate in research and development. Undergraduates can look forward to equipping themselves with skills to meet future industry requirements, through internships and company attachments.

Cultivating professional talents has been a cornerstone of ASE’s human resource management. By working with local schools and universities, ASE hopes to introduce practical and up-to-date knowledge to complement the theoretical learning in the classrooms.  Industry-academia collaboration will ensure better employment opportunities for future graduates and provide the semiconductor industry with a pool of highly qualified talents. ASE will continue to participate in tripartite alliances (government-industry-academia) so as to support the upgrading of the workforce, and contribute to the economic growth of the country.


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